Burford Manor - Arrow Photography Events - February 11th 2022
Welcome to our next Arrow Photography Creative Event - So Happy to have you on board!

Friday February 11th
Burford Manor
Shingle Barn Lane, Maidstone, ME15 0PH

Driving to the location is preferable as its quite rural
Plenty of parking is available on site
Nearest train stations are Yalding and Wateringbury, although if coming from London you are better off with Maidstone East or Paddock Wood if you're going to need to get a cab! 
Please note UBER etc DO NOT operate in this area.
AM Session: 9.00am - 13.00pm
PM Session 13.00 pm - 17.00pm 
You should know which session you're on please let me know if you're unsure!
How will it work on the day?
Each person will have a dedicated 30 minute 1:1 slot with each other, so by the end of the session you will have shot with each person.  There is a 15 minute break baked in between each session to enable outfit changes, refreshment breaks etc.
You can shoot anywhere in Burford, we'll leave it to individuals on the day to decide who is shooting where. Burford is huge so there is no shortage of amazing places to shoot.
Check Shoot Schedules above to see when / who you are working with.
We suggest using the kitchen as the meeting point for each session.
Please do not overrun as this causes issues for the people shooting after you, please do take extra notes of time if you are shooting in the grounds and allow time to get back to the house for your next slot.
More info on the locations you'll be shooting can be found by clicking below
What do I get from the day?
You will receive a minimum of 5 edits per photographer so a minimum of 30 edits across the day, of course some photographers may provide more on request, please discuss with them individually and also a timeframe of when you can expect edits.  We will try to turn everything round for everyone within 4 weeks but am asking the photographers to commit to at least 1 image from the day for everyone within a week latest (honestly most will give you something within a day or so!)
Some photographers may be happy shooting video in your shoot time - again please discuss this with them ahead of time.

Code of conduct
We will be operating a zero tolerance policy on the day for any abusive behaviour, no alcohol or drugs please, no smoking or vaping inside Burford Manor (in the grounds is fine).  
All photographers have been vetted carefully, we do not tolerate level pushing, co-ercion etc of any kind. Any issues on the day at all please contact Abbey in the first instance.
This applies to everyone equally and the organisers decision is final if we ask you to leave.
We want this to be a fun day and a safe and creative space
All payments are non refundable, if you have to pull out you are very welcome to sell your slot, we have lots of names waiting so please just discuss this with us and we'll do what we can to help
Basic Rules of the day - Important Please Read

You will be in one of two changing rooms on the day, these are for model use only, photographers will have their own area and no one apart from models, MUA, designers etc involved in the day will be allowed access to these areas.
Please bring everything you may need for the day, we will be providing water, fruit, jaffa cakes etc but it's recommended you bring your own refreshments too.
It's recommended to bring your own towel with you as well, especially if you're planning on bathroom shoots
There is no room for friends, family, dogs, children, boyfriends etc.  This will be a closed location for the day.  By all means you can be dropped off but there is no space for anyone to stay/hang around/watch.  Am afraid this will be strictly enforced during the day. So if someone is dropping you off they'll have to leave the property until end time. Same rules apply, if someone is picking you up please arrange for them to get to the location as near as possible to the end of the event.  
This is because we will have nudity around and about all day!
We will have a female chaperone  / manager present throughout both sessions to help run the event.
She will be your first port of call for any questions or concerns during the day
No baby oil at the event, a light skin oil may be used but please clean your hands thoroughly after application
With regards to levels this is a discussion between you and your photographer but ultimately it is YOUR decision what levels you shoot with who, you are perfectly within your rights to shoot nude with one photographer and not with another, no one will question this.
We recommend getting in touch with your photographers before the event to discuss any ideas etc as it will be quite a busy and tight day so the more planning ahead we can all day the smoother it will run!
Your timed slots will end promptly, this is so everyone gets their allocated time!
Please note no nudity around the more public outside areas to the front of the house - please wear a robe etc when in these areas, especially on the walk to/from the barn
You are welcome to move things around but please put them back where you found them, any breakages please notify us immediately.
We'll be providing you with emergency contact numbers on the day and we will ask that you provide us with an emergency contact number and details of any medical conditions we need to be aware of, these will not be stored after the event in line with GDPR processing regulations.
It's worth noting signal around the area is patchy, there is wi-fi in the house but that can be patchy also!
Signal outside is usually ok!
Content Creative UK (morning only)
Alternative Capture (afternoon only)
Lingerie Designer
I'm pleased to announce that we'll have the amazing 
lingerie by velveteena leigh on hand during the day with her amazing designs for you to borrow during the day - all we ask is that you tag her in any socials - https://www.instagram.com/lingeriebyvelveteenaleigh/
Manager and Chaperone
Promotion on Socials
Please tag @arrow_photoevents in all images, we love reels and stories too, and we curate them all into a story highlight so the more the merrier, especially travelling in, we love those train selfies!
We welcome BTS videos, IG and FB lives, Reels etc but please be mindful who else may be in the shot and check they are ok with it and definitely not nude!
Tag everyone, including of course your photographer and the location - @Burfordmanor
We hope you have an amazing day, any questions please reach out to us via Instagram
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