Workshops and Master Classes
Fulfil your creative potential at one of my half day workshops or full day masterclasses
Example Workshop agendas

Beginners Guide To Boudoir Photography - Half Day - Max 4 attendees

In this session I'll take you through the basics you need to be able to take a great natural light image of 
anyone in a boudoir setting. We'll cover:

Getting to know your camera
What lens to use and why
The basics of composition for people photography
The basics of natural light
How to use depth of field for stunning photographs
How to interact with models
Why model safety is important
Taking a great photo first time, every time
Including a minimum of 2.5  hours of guided / assisted shooting with a top model 
Cinematic Videography  - Half Day - Max 4 attendees

This Half Day Workshop will get you started with the skills and techniques you need to be able
to shoot amazing video content with any video capable DSLR. We'll cover:

Basic technical concepts, including lenses and settings
How to select the right model for your project
How to shoot video with any model, even when they have no video experience
How to avoid the common mistakes people make when shooting video
How your camera phone can be invaluable for quick, short form content for social media
How to edit quickly and simply without overthinking it
How the Rotolight Neo Pro 3 can boost your videos
Including a minimum of 2.5-3  hours of guided / assisted shooting with a top mode

Natural Light Masterclass - Full Day - Max 8 Attendees

This full day masterclass will have you shooting natural light nude and boudoir like a pro. 
Now also including an introduction to video and social media assistance.  
This is a full day and only for those who really want to see results.
Strictly limited to 8 attendees.   Two top international art nude models will be with us for the day.
We'll cover:

How to work effectively with any model in any location only using natural and available light
A run through of my equipment and lenses and how I achieve my signature look
How to communicate your ideas to your model including creative framing and fluid posing and shooting
How to get the most out of your camera in any situation and how to get it right in camera
How to shoot for the edit you know you are going to make
How to find the right model for you and how to communicate during a shoot
The Do’s and Dont’s of nude and boudoir photography. How not to be cheesy and how to tell a story with your images.
How to turn your camera or your phone into a cinematic video machine.  We’ll cover taking videos, the basics and how to make videos look dynamic.  Both longer form creative videos and short form social media content
How to use social media to boost your online presence and get models wanting to work with you!
The basics of editing the Arrow way using Lightroom and Photoshop, including new tips on generative AI.

Light Breakfast and snacks, refreshments included

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